About the company

The products of the company "Straj": experience, innovations, technologies

Custom-tailored approach

Door, being an essential element in every home or office, provides the security and services as barrier on the way of illegal intruders. That`s why the quality of product, from leaf to fittings, has a great importance.

Due to modern European equipment company "Straj" has the possibility to produce the reliable doors with beautiful design. We offer to our customers not only final versions of doors corresponding to your doorways, but also customize non-typical models or doors, which are a combination of design ideas provided by our staff and the wishes of the future owner. In addition, we take on the task of door installation. Even the most exacting customer will be satisfied with our products.

High level of security and comfort

All our models are utility and guarantee a high degree of protection for any type of premises. The door is securely fastened to the frame by means of special hinges. There are noiseless opening and closing of the leaf, sags and jams are excluded. Models are equipped with two different types of lock. It is nor so easy to third parties to break these locks. The all materials, which is used in manufacturing are characterized by high quality, absence of toxic contaminants and resistance to unfavorable weather conditions.

Alternatives of decorative finish

The exterior of the models presented in our catalog are not the final version. There is always possible to change the existing exterior by creating a custom design. The door fittings can be in “gold” or “chrome” color, which is selected according to the main color. Our company offers a variety of color options for coatings:

  • wenge (horizon, coffee, line, mali);
  • cherry (dark, small stamping);
  • oak (golden, marengo, rustic);
  • nut (chocolate, dark, tavolato);
  • chestnut;
  • ash (brown or burgundy).

The shade should match with the exterior and interior of the room. The customer can make his own choice or take advice from our specialists.